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Astigmatism Specialist

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Astigmatism affects one in three people, developing in children and adults and often occurs together with nearsightedness, farsightedness, or both. Dr. Bryan Ma uses advanced technology to precisely evaluate refractive errors and then works with each patient to find the eyeglasses or contacts that are perfect for their needs. If you have trouble seeing close or distant objects, call the doctor’s practice, Bryan Ma, O.D. Optometry in Orange, California, or book an eye exam online.

Astigmatism Q & A

What causes astigmatism?

As light enters your eye, the cornea bends the light to focus it on the lens, then the lens focuses the light on your retina. Astigmatism occurs when the incoming light isn’t precisely focused on the retina.

In rare cases, your lens may cause astigmatism. However, the problem usually occurs in your cornea.

The cornea is a clear dome that covers your eye. It’s normally perfectly curved like a round ball, which allows it to bend light evenly toward the lens.

When you have astigmatism, your cornea is shaped more like a football that bends light in various directions. As a result, light may focus in front of the retina, behind the retina, or both.

How does astigmatism affect my vision?

Astigmatism causes a unique vision problem because the light can hit various locations in and around your retina. This means astigmatism can cause both nearsightedness and farsightedness, so you may have a hard time seeing objects close-up, at a distance, or both.

How is astigmatism corrected?

Astigmatism is typically treated with eyeglasses or contact glasses that are specially made to correct different types of refractive errors.


At Bryan Ma, O.D. Optometry you can choose from a wide selection of eyeglass frames. They have numerous designer frames and continuously update their selection to offer today’s current trends and styles. They’re also experts at helping you pick a style and color that perfectly complements the shape of your face and expresses your personality.

Contact lenses

Dr. Ma offers a variety of contact lenses, each with different qualities to protect the health of your unique eyes. Specialized toric contact lenses are soft and engineered to correct nearsightedness and farsightedness. Gas-permeable contact lenses may work better for some patients. These rigid lenses essentially replace the misshapen cornea as the primary source of light bending.

Can LASIK surgery correct astigmatism?

LASIK surgery can be used to correct astigmatism by using a laser to precisely shave and reshape the cornea. After performing a thorough eye exam and determining if you’re a good candidate for a LASIK procedure, Dr. Ma can give you a referral to a trusted LASIK surgery center.

Dr. Ma coordinates your care with the surgery center and provides the personalized care you need the following surgery to be sure you heal properly and regain normal vision.

Any time you notice blurry vision, call Bryan Ma, O.D. Optometry to schedule an exam or book an appointment online.